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Steve Is A Lifelong Muncie Resident and was the #1 Producing Agent in East Central Indiana in 2013-19. Best In Class Marketing, Negotiation, and buyer/seller presentation... Steve works late and drinks a lot of coffee! :) Feel free to text me for more information too.

March 2020. Are We Going To See Another Housing Crash? In times like these you need a voice of reason and the last thing we need to do is panic. The graphs below will help you better understand our current real estate market and how it is much different this time in comparison to the housing crash we endured back in 2006-2008. It is an Apples to Oranges comparison. With all of the volatility in the stock market and uncertainty about the Coronavirus (COVID-19), some are concerned we may … [Read More...]

The Coronavirus (COVID-19) has caused massive global uncertainty, including a U.S. stock market correction no one could have seen coming. While much of the news has been about the effect on various markets, let’s also acknowledge the true impact it continues to have on lives and families around the world. With all this uncertainty, how do you make powerful and confident decisions in regard to your real estate plans? The National Association of Realtors (NAR) anticipates: “At the very … [Read More...]

What a way to start 2020!  It appears my website has been hacked.  I had hundreds of past listings on this website and now all of that data is lost.  I've been back and forth with tech person after tech person, but alas... I'm stuck starting over.  I know many people come to this site for the area's best listings.  I'm afraid it's going to take me some time to get them all inputted again.  I've personally added every bit of data to this site and it's going to take me some time to get much of it … [Read More...]